Russian Bazaar



Russian Bazaar

October 5, 2019
October 6, 2019

Saturday & Sunday
Noon to 6pm

Experience the best of Russian culture! Enjoy homemade food, live folk music and dance, unique imported handicrafts, tours of our magnificent 17th century style church and more!


Food & Beverage tickets:  $1 per ticket - AVAILABLE ONSITE

Our Church

The Russian Orthodox Cathedral of St. John the Baptist
"The interior of St. John the Baptist is defined by an exquisite intimacy and a wash of shimmering gold. Murals of biblical figures stretch to a high ceiling ... During evening prayers, the sound of the choir fills the air as children wander with their parents and an old woman sells candles in the corner. ... (The cathedral) captures a mysticism unique to the Eastern Orthodox tradition."
—Washingtonian magazine, August 2005

Everything about our Church edifice speaks of a rich Russian ecclesiastical heritage. The building is executed in the 17th-century Muscovite-Yaroslav style. Gilded onion domes, each crowned with a traditional Russian three-barred cross, a belfry, and icons of scenes from the life of St. John the Baptist above the three doors adorn the exterior. Murals and numerous centuries-old icons and an imposing four-tiered iconostasis make up the interior.

Church Tours
Feed the soul by taking a complimentary tour of the 17th-century Muscovite-Yaroslav style cathedral, which is straight out of medieval Russia with icon fresco-covered walls and ceilings. As Washingtonian magazine put it, “The interior of St. John the Baptist is defined by an exquisite intimacy and a wash of shimmering gold.”

If you've ever wondered why a Russian Orthodox Church looks the way it does—with icons, incense, candles, and no pews—then this is the perfect chance to get your questions answered.

Guided tours will be available throughout the bazaar weekend. Can’t wait? Take a photographic e-tour now.

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Beef & rice stuffed cabbage roll in tomato sauce.


Charcoal grilled marinated skewered pork, Russian style.

Beef Stroganoff

Beef strips with mushrooms & onions in sour cream sauce.


Traditional meat dumplings served with or without bouillon & sour cream.

Stuffed Blinchiki

Blini stuffed with cheese.


Russian-style beef meatballs with hmeli suneli (Georgian herb) sauce.


Hearty vegetable soup with beets.


Beet & potato salad.


Eggplant caviar.

Baked Goods

Poppy seed roll



Napoleon cake


Savory filled pastry (meat, cabbage/egg or cabbage/vegan).


SATURDAY October 5th

1pm - 1:30 Kalinka Dance Ensemble of Baltimore

2pm-2:30 - Konevets Quartet

2:30-5:30pm - Washington Balalaika Society

5:40-6pm: Konevets Quartet

SUNDAY October 6th

12:30-1pm: Konevets Quartet

1:45-4pm: Samovar with side performances with Matryoshki Dance Group

4:30-5pm: Konevets Quartet


Book Sale
A book lover's paradise. Browse our collection of used books. Come early for the best selection. You can find the book sale in the garage behind the church hall - just follow the signs.

Vintage Table

Unique finds, estate and costume jewelry. Located by the Book Sale section.

Kiosk Tables

Every year we import a large assortment of items directly from Russia for sale at our Bazaar. You can find the kiosk tables inside the church hall and outside in front of the church hall. The selection this year will include:

Religious Items

  • Beautiful icons of all shapes, size and depictions

  • Gold and silver crosses

  • Prayer books and literature

  • Religious music

  • Incense and soap products made by our local West Virginia monks

  • prayer ropes and bracelets

  • vigil lamps

  • candle holders

  • holy water vessels


Handicrafts and Cultural Items

  • Matryoshka dolls

  • Palekh boxes

  • Handpainted eggs

  • Birch bark boxes

  • Christmas ornaments

  • Dolls dressed in traditional costume

  • Traditional Russian costumes

  • Shawls

  • Amber jewelry

  • "Faberge" eggs

  • And more...


Russian Orthodox Cathedral of St. John the Baptist

4001 17th Street, NW
Washington, D.C, 20011


Driving Directions
St. John the Baptist Cathedral is located at 4001 17th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20011, one block west of 16th Street NW, 2.7 miles due north of the White House/Lafayette Park.

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On-street parking in the neighborhood surrounding the church is available. Important: Should you decide to park on-street, please respect our neighbors and do not block their driveways. Thank You!

Mass Transit
Metro bus lines S-2 and S-4 stop at 16th and Shepherd Streets. Our church is also about one mile from several Metro stations including Cleveland ParkColumbia Heights and Georgia Ave.-Petworth stations.

See you soon!