Moscow Nights

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 Ekaterina Barinova

Ekaterina Barinova

September 30, 2017
12pm to 4pm & 5pm to 6pm

October 1, 2017
4pm to 6pm

Moscow Nights is an exciting, versatile trio of prize-winning musicians from Russia. Their repertoire is centered on masterpieces of Russian folklore and represents the diversity of the culture. Lilting balalaikas, dynamic bayan accordion, humorous dances and superb vocals combine for an exhilarating and educational performance for audiences of all ages!

Featured performers with Moscow Nights will include dazzling Georgian dancers and award winning soloist Ekaterina Barinova.

Samovar Russian Folk   Music   Ensemble

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October 1, 2017
1pm to 3pm

Samovar Russian Folk Music Ensemble plays an extensive repertoire of Russian and Ukrainian folk music. Based in the Washington DC area, the group has played extensively throughout the region as well as internationally.

Together since 1996, their colorful costumes and heartfelt traditional tunes have been a favorite at venues including the Kennedy Center Millenium Stage, Smithsonian Museum, Russian Embassy, Hillwood Museum, and many more. 

Matreshki DC


September 30, 217
4pm to 5pm

October 1, 2017
3pm to 4pm

The youth folk dance group “Matreshi DC (Dance Company)” at the St. John the Baptist Russian Orthodox Cathedral began in 2012. Since then, they have become welcome guest at annual events such as Maslenitsa at the Russian Embassy and the Russian Festival in New York. Dances such as Russian Matreshkis, Samovar, Kalinka, Kazachok, Balaika, the Russian Waltz, Gypsy Dance and others are included in their repertoire. New dances are added every year; this year a Polonaise and a Waltz were unveiled at the charitable Tatianin Ball held at the Russian Embassy. The ages of the participants range from five to nineteen years old.